Nicole came down for the weekend during Kathe's Coronado birthday weekend get-away and generously treated the kids to a full day at Sea World. They arrived when the park opened and didn't return home until 8pm, whew, she's crazy! Tessa loved the animals and got to adopt a Polar Bear to bring home. Dillon took turns carrying her, holding hands around the crowded park, and being a responsible big brother. Allison & Jeffrey rode the rides and even got soaked on the water ride. We're so lucky to have Nicole that likes spending time with her younger brothers & sisters! Thanks, Co! You're the BEST BIG SISTER ever!

Co's Comments: I loved all the funny comments Tessa would say “Co, I’m just watching my shadow, its following me”, “omgoodness Shamu is huuuumongous” and telling big groups of people to “move out of our way" LOL! My favorite of the day had to be when she was getting her face painted and was so serious trying to stay still that she had a big long drool dropping all the way down into her lap! haha! I had the best time and would do it all over again tomorrow!

Sisters 23 years apart! Dillon being a big brother Walrus! Big Brother Dillon Scary Polar Bear Cave Allison & Co
Water Ride! Soaked to the Bone Butterfly face painting Elmo!
Getting sleepy after 10 hours!