Two years after creating our backyard oasis we decided to finish the side yard renovation. We wanted to push the dog gate back to create more activity space & create a matching lush tropical garden. We used the same contractors as the first job which worked out great. They handmade the two rocks and color-matched them to the first set on the waterfall. They used the same brown rock to line the edge of the garden & the front gate entry. We hired Cevirano at Poway Nursey to plant the palms, flowers, & trumpet vines.

Before: dog area was overgrown & trashy Handmade rocks Rock cement & compacting the ground Kathe making sure it's done correctly Rebar ready for cement Pouring the patio cement
Patio cement finished Garden area stone Front gate entry stone Dog gate modified to fit over rock Dog gate finished Plants ready for garden area Finished in two months costing $5000

We wanted to have more seating so we bought a tiki bar set from Backyard X-Scapes in Sorrento Valley. Then we found cool resin cast turtles & puffer fish animals that needed to be repainted to be more realistic. We found photos of the animals online and hand-painted the colors. Jeffrey had a great time!

Kathe at the new tiki bar set Tessa found sea turles Original paint & redone in base coat Real turtle colors One is almost done
Baby turtle is finished! Jeffrey painting the bigger turtle Both sea turtles finished! Great BBQ wall decorations Pufferfish base coat Pufferfish finished & mounted

Now the backyard oasis is complete and it's a relaxing wonderful place to unwind & enjoy life with the kids. After two years the foliage has grown-out a bit and created a more private space. Monarch Butterflies, Hummingbirds, colorful Finches, and even Borer Bees have made it their home as well.