Norman Allen Sturgis & Ella Pamelia Pierce
30 August 1885 in Michigan (or 28 Mar 1886)
1957 @ 82 years old from stroke



Anna Laura Randolph (May 1904)& Rose Caroline White (c.1917) on 07Nov1911 in Belleville KS
Maxine (1904). Marie (1916), Arthur Norman (1919), Marjorie Eugenia (08 Jan 1920), Ruth J (1922)
Notes: He was first married on 20 May 1904 at 23 to Anna Laura Randolph (24) and had a daughter Maxine (1905/6) in Mt Vernon, Missouri. They were all living with his father Norman in 1910 in Newton County Missouri. He was listed in a WWI draft registration record in Belleville, KS as a railroad worker for the H. A. Huber in Chicago, IL. He probably met his wife Rose (daughter of the Huber railroad) while working on their railroad. He was disowned by his dad when he married Rose (the family all called her a bohunk meaning a “breed” – that’s where we think the native American blood came from). His sister took his side & was ostracized as well – no one was allowed to mention their names. His family was listed in the 1920 Republic County, Kansas census with two kids (Marie & Arthur). In the 1930 census they'd moved to St Paul Minnesota and had four kids listed: Marie, Arthur, Marjorie, & Ruth. After 18 years he divorced Anna in February 1912 because she was very ambitious and they had conflicts. Eight years later Anna would be criminally involved with the kidnapping of the "world's richest American Indian, Jackson Barnett in 1920. He met his second wife Rose Caroline White around WWI when he was living in Belleview, KS and registered for the WWI draft in 1917-18.