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Spaulding & Marjorie Eaid
29 November 1941 in Bell, California (9lbs 15ozs)
Reseda Elem, Sutter JHS, Canoga Park HS
San Fernando Valley State College (CSU Northridge)
BA Biology (1959), Masters in Special Education (1992)
Housewife, Teachers Aide, Special Education teacher
Camping, fishing, softball, soccer, playing guitar, badmitton
Canada, Mexico, Truk Islands, Hawaii
1950's R&B and rock&roll, Folk: Platters, Nat King Cole, Elvis, Judy Collins
Mexican food (chile rellenos, enchiladas, seafood)



First Car:
Cars Owned:

Pauline Diana, Gloria Jean
Bowling, badmitton, soccer, softball
Scholarship Federation in HS, $100 Pan Hellenic scholarship, highest women's bowling average 1971 (256)
Don Lee Hedges, 05Apr63 in Wayfarers Chapel, Portugeuse Bend
Lee Thomas (1963), Andrew Brian (1964), Barney Brady (1970)
La Crescenta (3 yrs), Tijunga cabin (4), Pacoima army tent (4), Reseda home (5), Woodland Hills (5), Northridge (3), Canoga Park (4) & Manhattan Beach (37 years)
Powder Blue 1950 Ford Coupe
DeSoto convertible, Humber Sedan, Cord, Graham Hollywood, Citroen, Messerschmidt, VW Westfalia Camper, Volvo Sedan, Saab, Jeeps
Notes: learned to work on cars as a teenager since dad loved old cars. Lived in an Army surplus multi-room tent from 1946-49 on friend's property, then in several places until 11 when they bought their first home in Reseda in 1950. Moved to Woodland Hills in 1955 due to heavy smog in the San Fernando Valley. At 17 her mom kicked her dad out (violence & drinking) and the girls pushed her to do it. In 1960 they moved to Northridge to be closer to work/college. She graduated HS in 1959 and was 3rd in her class and won a $100 scholarship. Worked @ 15 as a soda fountain clerk, then @ 16-19 as a theatre user/cashier. In college summers she worked as a bookkeeper/Girl Friday at Seaboard Finance & got held up at gunpoint while 8 mos. pregnant with Lee & had to testify in court. Met husband in 1960 at college as a Freshman, shared classes & field trips. Began dating after an overnight trip to Joshua Tree. Engaged January 1963, got married secretly in Feb 1963 in Reno, NV (pregnant), then had a formal wedding in Apr 1963 at Portugeuse Bend in the Wayfarer’s Chapel glass chapel. Moved into a guest house garage in 1963 in Canoga Park, then into the huge ranch home a year later. Don worked in El Segundo so they bought their first home in Manhattan Beach for $21,000 in Apr 1966. Raised kids, quit college, then returned for her degree in 1982-83 @ Cal State Dominguez Hills. Got her Teaching credentials & Masters degree in 1992.

4 months old
Dad & daughter 1942 Tijunga
4 months old
Three Sisters 1945
4 months old
Mom & sisters

Visiting relatives in Wisconsin

Eaid family portrait

Pony portrait

High School dance

High School boyfriend Fig Newton Dec61
17 years old
1958 HS Graduation

Valerie's wedding shower

Summer 1963 with Gram Jean

April 1963 Wedding

42 years old
1983 College Graduation
50th birthday
October 1982
43 years old
4 generations 1984