Francis Beardsley died Sep 1828 in Orleans, Jefferson Co. NY (mother unknown)
1784 (Vermont)
28 Dec 1863 at 79 years old
Could not read or write. Lived in Hartford Township, Hartford Co. CT in 1810. Lived in Dorset township, Bennington Co. VT in 1840. On 28 Aug 1950 awarded 160 acres of land in Dixon, Illinois from 1842 Act of Congress providing Bounty Land Grants to veterans of the War of 1812 (brother Nathaniel died Sep 1813, 6th US Infantry). The family moved 915 miles from Jefferson County, New York and was settled in Dixon on 08 Nov 1850 (100 miles west of Chicago). Simon lived to be 79, died on the family farm, and is buried in plot #270 at Oakwood Cemetery in Dixon IL.

Nathaniel & Reuben C (1780)
Clara Rhodes (18 years younger) about 1828 in New York
Nancy (1806), Mary Ann (1812), Eliza Ann (1816), Jerome (1829), Simon Quincy (1832), Hiram (1837), Obediah (1842), John (1844)

Notes: Simon had three daughters from 1st marriage while living in Dorset, Bennington Co VT from 1806-1816. Then 2nd marriage to Clara Rhodes produced five sons (all born in New York). Simon's youngest brother Nathaniel was wounded in action during the War of 1812 and died from his wounds on 24 Sep 1813 in Champion, Jefferson Co NY. Over the period 1790-1820 he went under the various last names: Bazeley, Bearsley, Barsby, Beardsly.

In the name of God Amen. I Simon Birdsley of the town of Dixon, County of Lee, and the State of Illinois, knowing with uncertaintly of life and being in my right mind and having possession of my faculties, do hereby make this my last will and testament to wit:
First, my beloved wife Clara Birdsley to have her good and sufficient living out of my property, the same as I have heretofore provided.
Second, the rest and remainder of my property I desire to have equally divided between my beloved sons, Hiram Birdsley, John Birdsley, and Obediah Birdsley, except the property to wit: two (2) colts given said John and Obediah Birdsley.
And I further desire that all of my personal property, except or herein before executed and one colt sold to my son Obediah Birdsley, shall decend to my wife Clara Birdsley, on condition that she pay each of my daughters to wit: Mary Cleghorn, Nancy Manners, and Eliza Tucker, the sum of fifty (50.00) dollars. Provided that when Clara Birdsley shall have finished her use of said property, it shall revert to my son John Birdsley and Obediah Birdsley.
And I do hereby appoint my good friends John Hamill of Dixon and Nathan Burdick of Dixon, executers of this my last will and testament.
signed with an X mark, Simon Birdsley
witnessed by Albert Brooks, Nathan Burdick, & John Hamill
dated December 28th, 1863

CHATTEL PROPERTY OF SIMON BIRDSLEY: (a list of his valued possessions bequeathed to family)
3 beds, bedstands, & bedding. 1 bureau. 1 table. 1 shase sofa. 1 clock. 1 stand. 1 stove furniture and pipes. 1 looking glass. 5 chairs. Dishes and pails. 4 bushel potatoes. Dresse beef and pork. 40 bushel wheat. 80 bushel oat. 1 heavy wagon. 1 light wagon. 1 plow & harrow. 3 tons prairie hay. 1 harness. 1 gray mare 12 years old. 1 bay horse colt over 1 year old. 1 bay mare colt over 1 year old. 2 sheep. 4 calves. 1 red cow with one loped horn. 1 red cow with white face. 1 red cow with bobed tail. 1 brindle cow. 1 brindle bull. 1 yearling heiffer. 4 shoats. 10 chicken. 3 turkeys. 30 bushels corn. 4 loads wood.