Descendants of William & Rose Hedges
Compiled by Lee Thomas Hedges, January 2009

Generation No. 1
1. William Hedges was born before 1603 in Maidstone, Kent, England and died 17 Nov 1674 in East Hampton NY at about 71 years old. He lived in Maidstone, England and worked as a tanner and/or cordwainer (leatherworker). He married Rose Tritton in about 1633 and their son Stephen was born 26 January 1635 in Maidstone. As devout Puritans they fled England to the new American Colonies and arrived at the town of Lynn Massachussetts. They settled in Southampton Long Island by March 1644, and finally eastward in the new settlement of East Hampton Long Island as one of the founding families by 1650. On 06 July 1655 the town of Maidstone (East Hampton) apportioned meadow lands around Hook Pond to William Hedges, the Reverend Thomas James, Lion Gardiner, Ananias Conklin, & Thomas Chatfield. His parcel of land was just north of Hook Pond near the pasture and remained in the Hedges family until the 1920s. The land is currently owned by The Hedges Inn on 74 James Lane, East Hampton NY. In 1663 William was appointed the town constable (the "eyes and ears" of the town, finding evidence and recording facts on which to make a ruling). Rose died after 1674 in East Hampton.
Children of William & Rose Hedges are:
2 i Stephen Hedges, born 26 January 1635 in Kent Co, England
ii Issac Hedges, born 1637 in Maidstone, Kent Co, England & died March 1676 in East Hampton
iii four daughters (unnamed in will)

Generation No.2
2. Stephen Hedges was born 26 Jan 1635 in Maidstone, Kent, England and died 07 Jul 1734 in East Hampton, Long Island NY at 99 years old. His obit was written “not wanting quite six months of a hundred years old”. He married Hannah Stratton in 1669 in East Hampton, and she was born in 1649 in New York and died 21 Jan 1710 at 61 years old.
Children of Stephen & Hannah Hedges are:
3 i William Hedges, born 1679 & died 04 Nov 1768 had nine children
ii John Hedges, born 1670 in East Hampton NY
iii Daniel Hedges, born 1677 & died 11 Jun 1734 in Sagg NY & had sons Daniel (1708) & Col. Jonathan (1724)

Generation No.3
3 William Hedges was born in 1679 and died 04 Nov 1768 at 88 years old in East Hampton. He married Abiah Mulford, granddaughter to one of the original settlers of East Hampton.
Children of William & Abiah Hedges are:
4 i Stephen Hedges, born 06 Jun 1702 in East Hampton
ii William Hedges, born 1706
iii Hannah Hedges, born 1708
iv Mary Hedges, born 1710
v Jeremiah Hedges, born 1713
vi David Hedges, born 1715
vii Abiah Hedges, born 1717
Vii Ezekiel Hedges, born 1719
Viii Lewis Hedges, born 1722

Generation No.4
4 Stephen Hedges was born 06 Jun 1702 and died in 1766 at 64 years old. He grew up in East Hampton NY. He married Amy Mulford on 21 Dec 1727 (at 25 & 19 years old) and lived in East Hampton NY. He lived in Hanover NJ in 1760 and died in Hanover, Morris Co NJ. Amy was born 20 Mar 1709 in East Hampton and died in 1760 also in Hanover NJ.
Children of Stephen & Amy Hedges are:
5 i Matthew Hedges, born 15 Jun 1735 in East Hampton NY
ii Amy Hedges, born 29 Sep 1728 in East Hamption
iii Stephen, born 03 Jan 1731 in East Hampton & died 16 Dec 1766
iv Timothy, born 11 Mar 1733 in East Hampton
v Nathaniel Hedges, born 24 Jul 1737
vi Esther Hedges, born 13 Apr 1740
vii John Hedges, born 01 May 1743 in East Hampton & died 26 Dec 1771
viii Sgt Elias Hedges, born 01 Jun 1746 in East Hampton (wagoneer in AmRevWar)
ix Ruth Hedges, born 11 Dec 1748
x Mary Hedges, born Mar 1749
xi Elizabeth Hedges, born 26 Jul 1753 in East Hampton

Generation No.5
5 Matthew Hedges was born 15 Jun 1735 in East Hampton NY and died 27 May 1817 at 82 years old. He is buried in the family plot in East Hampton at the Jericho Cemetary. He was married twice: Hannah Hudson (born 1740 & died 1779 in Southold NY) on 01 Jan 1760 and had 9 children. Naomi Wells (born 1755 & died 1795) on 20 Feb 1780 and had 8 children. His family was part of the Refugees in 1776 from New York to Connecticut. Following the Battle of Long Island on 27 August 1776, more than 5000 refugees fled Long Island and New York City for the security of Connecticut. The British Army occupied New York City & Long Island for seven years (to 25 Nov 1783). The refugees voluntarily left their homes for CT and survived until Long Island was freed and they could return home. Matthew married Hannah Hudson (born 1740 died 27 Mar 1779) on 01 Jan 1760 (at 25 & 20 years old) but she died during the refugee flight shortly after giving birth and is buried in the cemetery at Baiting Hollow Connecticut. Matthew was moved from Baiting Hollow in Southold Long Island to Guilford, brought over by Capt Thomas Leete on a ship in Sep 1776 but no mention is made of the removal of his family. He signed the Association in 1775 and fought in the Revolutionary War. He was listed in the Census of 1776 with nine children (1 male above 16 & 3 under, 1 female above 16 & 4 under). He was baptized 15 Jun 1735 and married 01 Jan 1760 to Hannah Hudson (died 27 Mar 1779) then remarried Naomi Wells on 20 Feb 1780 and she died in 1795. After the refugee situation in 1783, Matthew & Naomi returned to East Hampton and lived another 34 years in East Hampton where he was buried in a private plot on his family farm.
Children of Matthew & Hannah Hedges are:
6 i Stephen Hedges, born 13 Jan 1763 with twin Ruth
ii Juliana Hedges, born 18 Oct 1761 & buried with mother in Baiting Hollow
iii Ruth Hedges, born 13 Jan 1763 with twin Stephen, buried with mother
iv Hannah Hedges, born 02 Mar 1766
v Mary Hedges, born 29 Feb 1768
vi Paul Hedges, born 10 Oct 1770
vii Matthew Hedges, born 03 Nov 1773
viii Amy Hedges, born 07 Feb 1776
ix Charlotte Hedges, born 1779 & buried with mother

Generation No.6
6 Stephen Hedges was born 13 Jan 1763 in East Hampton, married Betsey Randall from VT (born 1765 and died 1835), lived in Chazee, Clinton Co NY in 1812, and had 7 children. He died 15 Nov 1813 at 50 years old in Chazee. All children were baptized 20 Dec 1807 in Champlain NY.
Children of Stephen & Betsey Hedges are:
7 i Jesse William Hedges, born 20 Mar 1800
ii Hannah Hudson Hedges, born 1789
iii Stephen Hedges
iv Jeremiah Osborne Hedges, born 21 Dec 1795 in Troy NY
v Elias Hedges
vi Ether Randall Hedges
vii Elizabeth Hedges

Generation No.7
7 Jesse William Hedges was born 20 Mar 1800 and died 08 Dec 1851 at 51 years old. He married Mary “Polly” Calkins (born 1806 from VT) in 1821.
Children of Jesse & Mary Hedges are:
i Elisha Hedges, born 02 Mar 1829 in Buffalo, Erie Co, NY
ii John Randall Hedges, born 20 Jan 1823
iii Stephen Jeremiah Hedges, born 28 Jul 1827
iv William Hedges
v Lafayette Hedges, born 30 Oct 1833
vi Mary Hedges

Generation No.8
8 Elisha Hedges was born 02 Mar 1829 in Buffalo, Erie Co, NY and died 19 Dec 1906 in Ft Union, Williams Co, ND at 77 years old. He married Fidelia Hicks on 13 Apr 1850 in Buffalo NY. Fidelia was born 26 Jul 1828 in Sheldon, Wyoming Co, NY. Elisha is listed in 1850 Federal Census living in Concord, Erie Co, NY and in the 1880 Federal Census living in Pembina Co, Dakota Territory.
Children of Elisha & Fidelia Hedges are:
i William Edwin Hedges, born 02 Jan 1851
ii Charles Ambrose Hedges, born 1853/4 in NY
iii Frank Leslie Hedges, born 12 Jan 1856 in Rockford, Winnebago Co, IL

Generation No.9
9 William Edwin Hedges was born 02 Jan 1851 in NY and died about 1936. He married Julia A Norcoss (born Jul 1860 in NY) in 1877. William lived with his parents in Concord NY and were listed in 1860 NY Census, living with grandmother Mary Hedges & parents in 1870 NY Census, living in Colden NY with children in 1880 NY Census, then in Buffalo NY in 1900/1910/1920/1930 NY Census. In 1880 his occupation was Cheese Box Maker.
Children of William & Julia Hedges are:
i Ray Hedges, born 1878 in Erie Co NY & died before 1800
ii Lee Henry Hedges, born 11 May 1880 in Erie Co NY

Generation No.10
10 Lee Henry Hedges was born 11 May 1880 in Erie Co NY, lived in Colden NY with his parents for 1880 NY Census, in Buffalo NY for 1900/1910 NY Census, then living in Los Angeles CA for 1920/1930 CA Census. His occupation in 1930 was a Government Accountant. He married Lavinia C Carr (born 14 Sep 1881 in NY) in 1906.
Children for Lee & Lavinia Hedges are:
i Donald Lee Hedges, born 26 Nov 1907 in Erie Co NY
ii Olive Juliett Hedges, born 20 Nov 1912 in Los Angeles CA
iii Bruce Lincoln Hedges, born 12 Feb 1921 in Los Angeles CA

Generation No.11
11 Donald Lee Hedges was born 26 Nov 1907 in Erie Co NY and died 01 Mar 1983 in Torrance CA due to bone cancer. He lived with his parents in Buffalo NY for 1910 NY Census then in Los Angeles CA for 1920/1930 CA Census. He married Iva Laura Birdsley (born 28 Sep 1908 in IL) but they were divorced after 1944. Donald remarried twice late in life and lived in Torrance CA.
Children for Donald & Iva Hedges are:
i Don Lee Hedges, born 29 August 1938 in Los Angeles CA
ii Diana Lynn Hedges

Generation No.12
12 Don Lee Hedges was born 29 August 1938 in Los Angeles CA. He went to college at San Jose State Univ & transferred to Cal State Univ Northridge (then called San Fernando Valley State) where he got his degree in Biology. He met & married Roberta Marie Eaid (born 29 Nov 1941 in Bell CA) in April 1963. They lived in Canoga Park CA then bought their home in Manhattan Beach CA where they live today. Don worked for North American Rockwell as a Safety Engineer, then for Norris Industries, then again for Rockwell International to retire. Hobbies include sailing, motorcross racing, & softball. Had quadruple heart bypass in 2000.
Children of Don & Roberta Hedges are:
i Lee Thomas Hedges, born 20 Oct 1963 in Northridge CA
ii Andrew Brian Hedges, born 17 Dec 1964 in Northridge CA
iii Barney Brady Hedges, born 12 Aug 1970 in Redondo Beach CA