Bridge to Nowhere, April 2010
Dillon's 8th Grade Graduation gift: diving off a perfectly good 150' tall bridge!

When Dillon graduated from Middle School he asked for a sky-diving trip but Dad quickly killed that idea, so his second choice was bungee jumping. Eight months later we finally made the adventure a reality. We found a professional bungee jump company in LA that used an old abandoned bridge as a jumping base. The bridge had been built as part of a 1934 road project joining the Wrightwood snow resorts to Southern California but the heavy rains & rock slides washed-out the roads, leaving the complete bridge alone in the canyons.

Bridge to Nowhere 6am ready to hike! Dillon & Dakota Cold hike at 6am Half-Way Rest Stop Half-Way Rest Stop Half-Way Rest Stop

In April 2010 we drove up to the San Gabriel Mountains in Azusa and spent the night at a cheap motel called the Colonial Inn, buying sub sandwiches & donuts for the early morning start. Still dark at 6am we met the tour group, drove 15 minutes into the mountains, and began our 10-mile hike. We started at the 2500 feet elevation walking on well-worn trails across the rocks & sand alongside the canyon walls. The mountain stream ran down the center of the hike and the water was fast, waist-high, and very cold at 6am. We had six water crossings in the 2-hour hike to get up to the bridge and had a great hike but it was a bit uncomfortable walking in cold soggy boots.

Beautiful foliage 1st cold feet Happy Co! Brrrr, cold stream! Brrrr, cold stream! Brrrr, cold stream!
Co wasn't happy Stream Crossing Another stream? Help!

Once we arrived at the bridge Dillon & his buddy Dakota got in harnesses and took turns diving off the bridge: swan dive, backwards fall, dead-man's plunge, & ankle-harness free-fall. Dad, Nicole, & Chris were the wimpy photographers. The boys loved the experience (but were a bit sore from being tossed around in the air) jumping five times. Our early group had 20 jumpers all of whom were at least 25 years old so Dillon was by far the youngest in the group of crazies. After a couple hours of diving we packed-up our gear & headed down the mountain trails. We were far braver crossing the stream and by the time two hours had passed we were completely exhausted. Wet boots, gravel in our feet, sunburned, & knees aching from the constantly changing terrain. A quick trip to In N Out for Double-Double's and then we were on our way back home for some much-needed Motrin & sleep.

Made It! In uncomfortable harnesses Bridge to Nowhere Stream below bridge After jumping 5 times
Preparing to Dive Dillon's 1st jump Dillon's superman dive Dillon's superman dive

Advanced Ankle-Harness Jump #5

Backwards Jump #2

Dead-Man's Plunge Jump #3

Elevator Drop Jump #4
Dakota Dakota Dakota Dakota