Dillon is 14 years old now and has just begun his Freshman year at Rancho Bernardo High School. He's doing very well (4 A's & 2 B's last semester) and enjoys Spanish class. He's also enjoying playing soccer for the competitive FC San Diego team. Here's an Aug09 article in San Diego Soccer News about him. We've kept some of his past accomplishments, and here's his Math teachers note about his 6th Grade work in Middle School. And here's his cool Photo Journalism project. Back in 5th Grade he wrote his autobiography for a class project which gives good insight into his state of mind in mid-2005. And in January 2006 he wrote a poem for a class assignment, based on an emotion that he had to describe, called the Angry Poem, done tongue-in-cheek, as like his dad, he's not an early-riser. Here's his 5th Grade progress report when he made the Merit Award list for both semesters.

Dillon learned to solve the Rubik's Cube at 9 years old and even competed at the National Rubik's Cube Convention at CalTech in 2005, solving the puzzle in 52 seconds! His best time ever was 45 seconds. His teacher was Rachel's old boyfriend Adam Zamora.

Mexico Cruise, Jul09
Mexico Cruise Ship, Jul09
Mexico Cruise, Jul09
All you can eat lobster, Jul09
San Diego Soccer News Aug09
San Diego Soccer News article, Aug09

Torrey Pines Beach, Jan09
Torrey Pines Beach, Jan09
Wrightwood, Feb09
Wrightwood snow vacation, Feb09
Wrightwood, Feb09
Wrightwood snow vacation, Feb09
14th Birthday, Mar09
14th Birthday, Mar09
8th Grade Graduation, Jun09
8th Grade Graduation, Jun09

Hamster Apr08
Phil Bigglesworth
Skimboarding Apr08
Skimboarding, Apr08
Torrey Pines Beach, June 2008
Torrey Pines Beach
New Kitties Oct08
New Kittens Tom & Jerry, Oct 2008
Picking Apples in Julian
Julian Apple Orchard, Oct 2008
Goof Nov08
Goofing with long hair, Nov08

Jan 2007
Pocket Bike, Jan07
Feb 2007
Watching SuperBowl, Feb07
Aug 2007
Big Brother, Aug07
Milk Carton, Halloween 2007
Halloween 2007
Dec 2007
15 Dec 2007
New Years Eve 2007
New Years Eve

Sep 2006
Bernardo Heights Middle School
6th Grade, Sep06
Dec 2006
Zeus & Athena
8 months old
Dec 2006
Christmas 2006

Poppa Don & Dillon Keeper of the Flame Trout Master 7 Trout! Floating down river! Pilot Dillon
Kern River Summer Family Vacation (July 2006)

12 week old Zeus (June 2006)

Athena coming home

04 July

01 August

09 September

5 months old

6 months old

8 months old (Dec 2006)
Zeus & Athena, Blonde Golden Retrievers

Maui Vacation (Feb06)

5th Grade Graduation @ Carrillo Elementary in Carlsbad

2005 & Earlier
Co & Dillon (Mar05) -- Baby Curran (Aug05) -- Hungry Valley (May & Nov05) -- La Jolla Beach (Jan06) -- Sushi Presentation (Mar06) -- SD Zoo (Mar06)

Dillon's 10th Birthday @ Knott's Berry Farm (Mar05)
with David, Christopher, Keimin, Jacob, Ranier, & Nicole

Dillon Golfing (Feb05) -- Merit Award & Buddies (Mar05) -- Arena Soccer (May05) -- Dog Beach -- Carlsbad Pool (Sep05)

Dillon MX Riding (Jan05) -- MX Crash (May05) -- AYSO All-Star Tournament

Dillon & Chris (Oct04) -- 1st MX Ride (Oct04) -- Dillon & Chris & 2nd MX Ride (Nov04) -- New 90cc MX Bike (Dec04)

1st Surfboard (Aug04) -- 4th Grade (Sep04) -- 2004 Stingers

2003 Riptide -- Rosarito Beach Baja, Mexico (May 2004) -- 4th of July

Going Big on BMX (Sep 03)

pretending to be a pool baby July 2003 with Co & David
8th Birthday -- playing in pool (July 03)

New Years hair -- Haircut -- Magic Ball -- Dillon & Buster (Feb03) -- with Haley -- Dirt Squirt

Halloween, with Buster @ 7 weeks (Nov02) -- Student of the Month -- Thanksgiving & Christmas 2002

Dillon's "shove it" skateboarding session, May 2002

Nick & Dillon on 1935 Ariel (01) -- New Bike (01) -- with David -- with Doug Flutie (Dec01) -- Wedding (Apr02) -- Baseball -- Maui

Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon
Pre School
AYSO 1999
1999 Blue Angels (1st AYSO)
AYSO 2000
2000 Titans

First Lost Tooth
Nov 2001
Airplane Lego, Nov 2001