September & October 2006: Swimming @ Coronado Beach & hangin' with Dillon

09 September 2006: 20-week old pups relaxing on the new leather couch with the kids

17 August 2006: 18-week old pups relaxing in the backyard (Zeus 17.3 lbs & Athena 16.3 lbs)

01 August 2006: 16-week-old pups got their new collars & will be leash-training soon. Athena is bigger & stronger than Zeus.

July 2006: 12-week-old pups are doing well and learning to use their crate & pen.

June 2006: 10-week-old puppies from Desert Goldens in Palm Desert, CA. Zeus (boy) & Athena (girl) are pure-bred Golden Retrievers that were bred for their temperament & light coloring. Zeus is a typical boy being more bold & active while Athena is a typical girl being more docile & quiet.