2009 Work: the first part I fitted after the paint job were the scripts. I'd collected NOS and very good original scripts over the years and I'd found (thanks to Paul Colbert) the clear plastic front nose buffer too. All I needed were the original thin clear script tubes that the scripts slide into before going into the body. These tubes have long been obsolete but Franck Boutier from France found a suitable replacement online and we ordered a box of 50. Now the scripts look & fit just like new again!
Rear scripts fitted NOS scripts Nose script & plastic buffer

Bumpers: The freshly-chromed bumpers couldn't wait so I bought the necessary parts to get them reassembled: chromed bumper bolts/washers/nuts, guard seals, outer corner rubber buffers, & outer corner long bolts. The unique T34 bumper guard seals are no longer available (or are outrageously-priced) so the T14 seals were fitted and look fine.

Door Check Straps: The freshly painted doors were dangerously unchecked so the replacement T14 check straps were next to be fitted. KGP&R has the straps & roller kit for T14s which fits fine but doesn't allow the T34 door to fully-open like it was when new. But there is no other suitable replacement, so that's what I fitted.