Thanks!: So Many Great People that Helped

Andy Holmes:
Initial inspection & evaluation, purchase, repairs, & delivery to shipping port.
Drove it at its debut at the 2004 VW Classic weekend.

Jon House:
San Diego
$10K loan to purchase M346 immediately

Larry Edson:
Northern California
Cut & shipped me replacement T34 sheetmetal sections to complete the rust repairs

Jimmy Braxmeyer:
Southern California
Painted the roof & rockers (for free) prior to the 2004 VW Classic

Jose Rodriguez:
San Diego
Restored the seats & carpeting prior to 2004 VW Classic

Jason Weigel:
San Diego
Helped separating body from chassis

Sean Roper:
Hemet CA
Major rust removal & welding new panels into place

Chemo Ordaz:
Central CA
Finishing bodywork & paintwork over 3.5 years

Special Mentions: Pop (Thailand) for high-quality repro seals at reasonable prices, VW Paradise (San Diego) for an engine rebuild