Restoration: Five Years and Counting ...
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After 40 Years & A Bad Restoration Attempt: the body had typical rust hidden underneath fiberglass panels throughout the car from less-than-stellar rust repairs done in 1988 by the second owner in South Africa. This M346 deserved a full & authentic restoration back to its original condition and it is a model I've dreamed of owning so I felt it was worth buying & doing right.

right rocker panel fiberglass right rear corner fiberglass

Five Years for Rust-Repairs & Body Work: The first shop was unable to find time to begin the rust repairs, so after a year I brought it back home. In August 2005 Chemo Ordaz retrieved the body & chassis and within a year the body had been media-blasted and all the major rust repairs had been completed by Sean Roper. Chemo worked on the body for another 2.5 years and in March 2009 it was ready for the paint stage.